Device ID Targeting

New technologies in digital marketing allow us to target users’ devices through a variety of strategies, whether they use their devices in-home, or take them with them wherever they go. We can match your database of customer addresses to Device IDs that have been used in those locations, or any other target location during specified timeframes, so we can reach consumers at home, visitors to your business, viewers of your out-of-home ads, or even your competition’s customer base. For more information, or to book your campaign today contact Beth at or call 413-496-6332.

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Visitor targeting

Reach consumers who have visited target locations, regardless of where they are now.

Home address verification + reverse append

Link device IDs to home address, and vice versa.

Conquest visitor targeting

Reach consumers who have visited your competition’s locations.

Household extension + lookalike targeting

Expanded audience segments that include other devices in the household and/or audience members with the same demographic and behavioral attributes.